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The DeliverMe TT Ltd. Story

DeliverMe TT Ltd is a networking company that uses technology to offer transportation services through cash and cashless payment systems via mobile apps.

DeliverMe TT uses GPS technology to offer different types of transportation services affordably, efficiently and safely. We connect people, packages or things from doorstep to doorstep anywhere within Trinidad .

We care about your Safety!

DeliverMe Taxi Service

We grant users access to our app to book rides and connect with courteous professional drivers which are tracked safely to your destination. Pre-bookings are welcome through our call centre team for special occasions and a preferred driver can be arranged.

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DeliverMe Delivery Service

Now you can have your online orders delivered right to your doorstep via our DeliverMe TT app. It's simple!

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Features of the system
  • 24/7 taxi service—From the wee hours in the morning to late hours at night we provide the facility for all users to book rides.
  • We cater to your Group size—Whether you want to ride solo or in large group the system accommodates sizeable fleets to get you, your group or package there together
  • Rides / Delivery are Monitored—Our call centre team is closely monitoring all activities from pickup to drop off
  • Screening—Each driver goes through an Interview and screening process before they are activated in our system. Each driver is trained professionally and understands the DeliverMe TT's code of conduct.
  • Rate Your Experience—We welcome all to give a star rating and comment on their experience. We appreciate your feedback.
  • Payment Preference—We offer different preferred methods of payments cash or credit card
DeliverMe TT Ltd. a Service Delivery Team You Can Trust

The standards we set for ourselves may be high, because we believe your time is precious and you deserve the best that life has to offer. With your continued support and through GPS technology we aim to improve your quality of life in the simplest of ways.  

Managing Now With Covid-19

DeliverMe TT being an essential ridesharing and delivery service has always ensured our customer and drivers are of paramount importance to us. We understand the rider’s reliance on our networking services and to continue to be ever present for you when you need us the most. Our care continues in managing our response to the Covid-19 epidemic by ensuring our commuters and drivers are kept safe by following the guidelines instructed by our government of Trinidad and Tobago

Caring For You

DeliverMe TT has met with our professional mature independent contractors to ensure as part of our business continuity Covid 19 Safety Policy we administer safe, healthy practices whilst on duty.

  • Driver or passenger are to refrain from using DeliverMe TT services if unwell but seek immediate medical attention

  • Cars must be kept clean and deodorized

  • All must wear a mask whilst a ride is in progress

  • Use and keep in their possession sanitization products

  • Offer contactless delivery options

  • Follow the mandate of seating accommodation instructed by our government

DeliverMe TT wants to broadcast we will continue to take you there safely. If you are in need to be collected late night or early morning utilizing our pre booking feature by 10pm via DeliverMe TT Taxi app or immediately calling 683-RIDE (7433) is required. We will advise of a preferred driver.

Together We Stay Connected

Customer Support:

For support with your bookings and other queries, write to us at support@delivermett.com


What are my payment options?

We currently accept payment in cash. We are constantly improving and aiming to towards a cashless payment system.

Can I get a discount on my trip?

To receive a discount, ensure you like and follow our Facebook or Instagram page: @DeliverMeTT for our latest coupon codes.

After paying for my ride will I get a receipt?

Yes, receipts are emailed and through our mobile app to can view all your receipts.

I did not like my driving experience?

Your safety and customer satisfaction are of utmost priority to us. We offer 2 different channels to communicate your experience of a ride and driver.
  1. Use the star rating feature and comments field to describe your experience.
  2. Within the app you may communicate your concerns with chat support or email support.

I feel unsafe with my driver?

During an active drive, a passenger can enable emergency mode from the top right of the screen on app. Through WhatsApp software, share your location with your loved one.

My booking is showing no drivers available?

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, however, ride-matching is based on availability of cars within your area. During inclement weather conditions, peak hours periods, may result in a longer wait time. Kindly re-try and/or use another vehicle type.

Would my profile information be shared amongst other sites?

To protect your privacy your profile information is not shared to third party websites.

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To offer different types of transportation services affordably, efficiently and effectively and most importantly safely to every creed and race, age or special needs person or commercial establishment.